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12 May, 2008

Defining Custom Properies of SharePoint Fields

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One good thing about the fields schema xml is that SharePoint will not complain if you define your own attributes … well almost not complain.

So this means you can extend the fields definition and add your own properties of the fields which gives a great power to your SharePoint solutions.


      <Field ID={b3cae114-0197-4599-96de-c21aa709c25f}


            Group=My Solution Group


            DisplayName=Business Unit Name










The only important bit is to use a custom namespace prefix for your custom attributes as if you don’t do so your feature will fail the schema validation when you try to activate it. So simply define your namespace in the Elements element.


xmlns= xmlns:my=>


And finally to read the values of the custom attributes of your fields you will have to go via the SPField.SchemaXml property, parse the XML and read the value.

I will leave it to your imagination to think about all the powerful things you can implement by extending your field attributes.



  1. […] Defining Custom Properies of SharePoint Fields […]

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  2. You can use GetProperty method to get property value. I use following code for this:
    protected String GetPropertyFromXml(string name)
    return GetProperty(“my” + name) ?? GetProperty(name);
    because namespace prefix does not exist in several cases

    Comment by Alex Lazovsky — 24 September, 2008 @ 11:57 am

  3. It appears that custom properties are not valid on content type CAML. Does anyone have a solution for for content types? We are using a hidden field with custom properties, but the extra level of indirection via a field is awkward. We would prefer properties directly on the CTs. Also PropertyBag does not apply to CTs, only list, list item, file, folder, or website.

    Comment by JohnC — 7 June, 2011 @ 2:51 pm

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